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Joy is a 40-page super shopper which includes popular items such as gift wrap, accessories, greeting cards, kitchen gadgets, holiday decor and gift items. Browse Joy Catalogue

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Noel is a 48-page super shopper similar items to Joy with the addition of chocolates, treats, popcorn, gourmet food mixes, soup mixes, beef jerky and more gift items. Browse Noel Catalogue

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Totes and Bags

The Totes and Bags catalogue features stylish and functional bags for storage, utility, travel, and more. Please contact us to book this fundraiser. Browse Totes & Bags Catalogue

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Savoury Soups

The Savoury Soups catalogue features easy to make healthy and delicious soups from Mitchell's Soup Co. Please contact us to book this fundraiser. Browse Savoury Soups Catalogue

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In The Kitchen Fundraiser

The In The Kitchen catalogue features beloved dressings, jellies, sauces, jams, and more. Please contact us to book this fundraiser. Browse In The Kitchen Catalogue

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McSweeney's Beef Jerky & Meat Snacks

The McSweeney's catalogue is filled with delicious Canadian, gluten-free, low-fat meat beef jerky and meat snacks. Browse McSweeney's Catalogue

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Big Deal Box Cards

Beautiful keepsake box with 40 handcrafted dimensional cards embellished with foil and glitter. Includes birthday, kid's birthday, special occasions, holiday, and more.

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