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Virtual, Hybrid, and Standard Fundraising Programs for Canadian Schools and Non-Profit Groups

Are you searching for effective fundraising ideas to support your school or non-profit group in Canada? Look no further! Dieleman Fundraising Sales offers hassle-free and profitable fundraising solutions tailored to Canadian organizations. With our easy-to-implement programs, high-quality products, and flexible options, you can confidently raise funds while making a positive impact. Let’s explore some of our successful fundraising programs!

1. Standard Fundraiser: Catalogues, Order Forms, and Online Sales!

Choose our standard fundraiser for a proven and popular way to raise funds. We provide free catalogues, order forms, and a customized letter, all tailored to your campaign. Our high-quality products are organized and packed in carry-home bags, making distribution effortless for your volunteers. Take advantage of our online shopping site, allowing participants to pre-sell items and conveniently submit orders. With no upfront costs and no leftover products, you have full control over your profit. We meticulously pack and sort orders per seller and group, ensuring a smooth distribution day.

2. Hybrid Fundraiser: Catalogues and Online Sales Only!

Experience a hassle-free fundraising option with our hybrid fundraiser. Say goodbye to paper order forms! We provide free catalogues and a customized letter, all conveniently organized in carry-home bags. Participants can pre-sell items using the catalogues and our user-friendly online shopping site. The fundraiser automatically closes on your desired end date, and there are no upfront costs or leftover products to worry about. Enjoy multiple shipping options and receive your profit cheque enclosed with the delivery.

3. Virtual Fundraiser: Everything Done Completely Online!

In today’s digital world, our virtual fundraiser offers a quick and contact-free way to raise funds. We provide you with customized fundraising information via email, including shopping links for easy access. Participants can pre-sell items using our customized online shopping site. The fundraiser automatically closes on your desired end date, and there are no upfront costs or leftover products. Rest assured, we pack and sort orders per seller and group, ensuring a seamless distribution day. Customize your shipping options to fit your needs, and receive your profit cheque enclosed with the delivery.

Explore Our Available Fundraising Programs

In addition to our versatile fundraising programs, we offer exciting fundraising bookings to enhance your campaigns. Choose from a range of options, such as McSweeney’s Meat Snacks, the Joey and Noel catalogues filled with popular gift items, our Kitchen and Soup catalogues filled with delicious meal ideas, or the Big Deal Box Cards featuring stunning designs. Each booking comes with its unique features and profit opportunities. We ensure that all orders are packed, sorted, and delivered with care, making your fundraising experience even more rewarding.

Why Choose Dieleman Fundraising Sales?

Dieleman Fundraising Sales is your trusted partner in achieving fundraising success. As a proudly Canadian, family-owned, and operated company, we understand the unique needs of Canadian organizations. With years of experience, we have established ourselves as a leader in the fundraising industry. Our wide range of fundraising options, including the launch of our direct-sale candy line, ensures that we can meet your organization’s goals. Join the hundreds of satisfied schools, businesses, and groups across Canada who have achieved successful fundraising campaigns with Dieleman Fundraising Sales.

Start Your Successful Fundraising Journey Today

Ready to embark on a successful fundraising journey? Choose Dieleman Fundraising Sales as your partner and raise funds for a better tomorrow. We combine easy and hassle-free fundraising strategies with high-quality products and flexible options tailored to Canadian organizations. Join the Canadian fundraising community that trusts Dieleman Fundraising Sales. Contact us now to get started or explore our fundraising programs for more information.

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