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Best Risk-Free & Easy Fall Fundraising Programs in Canada

Fall in Canada is a time of vibrant foliage, cozy gatherings, and, of course, the anticipation of the holiday season. For Canadian schools and groups, it’s also an ideal season to kickstart fundraising efforts. Whether you’re looking to support educational initiatives, community projects, or group activities, Dieleman Fundraising Sales offers a range of exceptional fall fundraising programs designed to make a meaningful impact. In this blog post, we’ll delve into one of our most beloved seasonal offerings, the Joy and Noel Christmas fundraising campaigns, and explore how they can supercharge your fundraising efforts during this festive time of year.

Joy & Noel Christmas Fundraising Campaigns: A Seasonal Delight

As the year winds down and the air becomes crisp, the holiday season brings with it an opportunity to engage in festive fundraising campaigns. Our Joy and Noel Christmas fundraising options are specially tailored for Canadian schools and groups seeking to raise funds during the winter months.

Christmas fundraising for Canadian schools and groups

Joy: Spreading Cheer with Thoughtful Gifts

The Joy campaign is your ticket to spreading joy and goodwill within your community. This 40-page super shopper is brimming with an array of popular items that make perfect gifts for the holiday season. From beautifully designed gift wrap and accessories to heartwarming greeting cards, innovative kitchen gadgets, holiday decor, and an assortment of delightful gift items, Joy has something for everyone. Whether your supporters are looking to wrap presents in style or find the ideal stocking stuffers, this campaign has you covered.

Christmas fundraising program for Canadian schools and groups

Noel: Elevating the Festivities with Gourmet Delights

For those who wish to take the festivities up a notch, the Noel campaign is the answer. This 48-page super shopper extends the selection found in the Joy campaign, adding an enticing array of gourmet treats to the mix. As the snow falls and gatherings with loved ones fill the calendar, your supporters will appreciate the addition of chocolates, delectable treats, popcorn for cozy movie nights, gourmet food mixes for special meals, soup mixes to warm the soul, and beef jerky for those who savour the taste of quality. Noel transforms your fundraiser into a holiday smorgasbord, providing an array of delightful options to elevate the season’s festivities.

Convenient Ordering Options: Paper or Online, It’s Your Choice

At Dieleman Fundraising Sales, we understand the importance of convenience in your fundraising efforts. That’s why both the Joy and Noel campaigns are available in flexible ordering options, ensuring that your campaign aligns seamlessly with your group’s preferences and needs.

  • Paper Orders: For those who appreciate the tangible experience of flipping through a catalogue and filling out order forms, we offer paper order options. Supporters can browse the catalogue, make their selections, and submit their orders, all in the traditional manner.
  • Online Orders: In today’s digital age, online ordering has become increasingly popular. We provide user-friendly online shopping sites for both the Joy and Noel campaigns, allowing participants to pre-sell items and conveniently submit orders with just a few clicks. Online ordering streamlines the process for both buyers and sellers, offering easy payment options and real-time tracking of sales, making fundraising more efficient than ever.

Make This Holiday Season Special with Joy & Noel

This fall, as you plan your fundraising campaign, consider the power of the holiday spirit to rally your community together. Our Joy and Noel Christmas fundraising campaigns are designed to make the season brighter while helping you achieve your fundraising goals. With an extensive selection of heartwarming gifts and gourmet delights, these campaigns are sure to resonate with your supporters. Whether you choose the Joy campaign for its wide range of thoughtful items or the Noel campaign to add a touch of gourmet luxury, both programs present a wonderful way to fundraise and spread holiday cheer in your community.

Why Choose Dieleman Fundraising Sales?

Dieleman Fundraising Sales is your trusted partner in achieving fundraising success. As a proudly Canadian, family-owned, and operated company, we understand the unique needs of Canadian organizations. With years of experience, we have established ourselves as a leader in the fundraising industry. Our wide range of fundraising options, including the launch of our direct-sale candy line, ensures that we can meet your organization’s goals. Join the hundreds of satisfied schools, businesses, and groups across Canada who have achieved successful fundraising campaigns with Dieleman Fundraising Sales.

Start Your Successful Fundraising Journey Today

Ready to embark on a successful fundraising journey this fall and holiday season? Choose Dieleman Fundraising Sales as your partner and raise funds for a better tomorrow. We combine easy and hassle-free fundraising strategies with high-quality products and flexible options tailored to Canadian organizations. Join the Canadian fundraising community that trusts Dieleman Fundraising Sales. Book your fundraiser today and start raising funds in a risk-free, highly profitable manner.

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