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5 Fundraising Ideas for Canadian Schools & Groups

As the new academic year approaches, it’s time to gear up for an exciting journey of learning, growth, and community building. To support your initiatives and make a positive impact, Dieleman Fundraising Sales is thrilled to introduce a range of unique and profitable fundraising programs tailored specifically for Canadian schools and groups. These fundraising campaigns not only allow you to raise essential funds but also offer exciting products that your supporters will love!

Totes and Bags Fundraising Campaign

Our Tote and Bag fundraising program is a delightful and practical way to engage your supporters. These stylish and functional utility totes and bags are perfect companions for various activities, including beach trips, picnics, shopping sprees, and travel adventures. With their eye-catching designs and versatility, they are bound to be a hit in your community, making this fundraising campaign an excellent choice for Canadian schools and groups.

Savoury Soups Fundraising Program

As the leaves start to change colour and the weather cools down, there’s nothing quite like a comforting bowl of soup. Our Savoury Soup fundraising campaign offers a delectable selection of 19 different soup flavours, catering to diverse palates. From classic favourites to exotic options, these soups are a perfect way to warm hearts and tummies during the fall season. Canadian schools and groups can embrace this delicious program to raise funds and bring joy to their supporters.

In The Kitchen Fundraising Program

Our In The Kitchen catalogue boasts an array of mouthwatering products, including dressings, jellies, jams, mustards, salsas, and sauces. These culinary delights are perfect for food enthusiasts and anyone who appreciates delectable flavours. By participating in this fundraising program, Canadian schools and groups can offer their supporters a chance to elevate their culinary experiences while contributing to a good cause.

McSweeney’s Beef Jerky & Meat Snacks Fundraising Campaign

Who doesn’t love beef jerky? Our McSweeney’s fundraising campaign features entirely gluten-free beef jerky, beef steak strips, and pepperoni sticks that are sure to satisfy any appetite. With their savoury goodness, these snacks are an excellent choice to satiate cravings while supporting your school or group’s fundraising goals. Book our McSweeney’s fundraiser today!

Joy & Noel Christmas Fundraising Campaigns

As the year winds down, the holiday season brings an opportunity to engage in festive fundraising campaigns. Our Joy and Noel Christmas fundraising options are perfect for Canadian schools and groups seeking to raise funds during the winter months. The Joy campaign offers a 40-page super shopper with a wide range of popular items such as gift wraps, accessories, greeting cards, kitchen gadgets, holiday decor, and gift items. Meanwhile, the Noel campaign extends the selection with chocolates, treats, popcorn, gourmet food mixes, soup mixes, beef jerky, and more gift items. Either program presents a wonderful way to fundraise and spread holiday cheer in your community.

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We at Dieleman Fundraising Sales are dedicated to supporting Canadian schools and groups in achieving their fundraising objectives. These unique and profitable fundraising programs are carefully curated to help you make a meaningful difference while offering exciting products to your supporters. Book your fundraiser today!

This entry was posted on Wednesday, July 26th, 2023 at 3:10 pm.