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How to Get Sales For Your Canadian Fundraiser

Fundraising is a vital endeavour for Canadian schools and groups, and achieving successful sales is at the heart of any fundraising campaign. At Dieleman Fundraising Sales, we understand the importance of effective fundraising, and we’re here to guide you through the process. In this article, we’ll explore strategies and tips on how to get sales for your fundraiser. Let’s embark on the path to fundraising success!

1. Promote Your Fundraiser Effectively

Effective promotion is the cornerstone of successful fundraising campaigns. Here are some strategies to boost your promotional efforts:

  • Leverage Social Media: Utilize platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter to create awareness about your fundraiser. Share engaging posts, images, and videos showcasing your fundraising products. Dieleman Fundraising Sales provides engaging social media graphics with our campaigns, making your social media advertising a breeze.
  • Email Campaigns: Send out email newsletters to your supporters, parents, and community members. Highlight the unique selling points of your fundraiser, including high-quality products and the impact it will have on your school or group.
  • Local Media: Approach local newspapers, magazines, and radio stations to feature your fundraiser. Community engagement can be a powerful driver of sales, as most people want to support their local schools and groups.

2. Engage Your Community

Your school or group has a valuable network of potential supporters. Engage them effectively:

  • Involve Students: Recognize and celebrate the efforts of your student participants. Consider implementing an incentive program that rewards top student sellers. Prizes, certificates, and even friendly competitions can motivate students to go the extra mile in support of your fundraising goals.
  • Parent Involvement: Communicate with parents and guardians. Share the objectives and benefits of the fundraiser and encourage them to support and spread the word. Provide parents with tools like flyers, social media content, and email templates to make sharing easy.

3. Showcase High-Quality Products

The quality of your fundraising products can significantly impact sales. Dieleman Fundraising Sales offers a wide variety of campaigns for every occasion. Some of our most popular programs include the following (click on the image to browse each catalogue):

  1. Totes and Bags Fundraising Campaign: Our Tote and Bag fundraising program offers stylish and functional utility totes and bags, perfect companions for a variety of activities. Whether it’s a beach trip, a picnic, a shopping spree, or a travel adventure, these bags are designed to meet the demands of active lifestyles while supporting your fundraising goals.Canadian fundraising totes and bags program
  2. Savoury Soups Fundraising Program: As the leaves change colour and the weather cools down, there’s nothing quite like a comforting bowl of soup. Our Savoury Soup fundraising program boasts a delectable selection of 19 different soup flavours, guaranteed to warm hearts and tummies during the fall season. These soups are the perfect addition to your fundraising efforts.Mitchell's Soup Canadian fundraising program
  3. In The Kitchen Fundraising Program: Calling all culinary enthusiasts! Our In The Kitchen catalogue features mouthwatering dressings, jellies, jams, mustards, salsas, and sauces that will elevate culinary creations. Canadian kitchen and cooking fundraising program for schools and groups
  4. McSweeney’s Beef Jerky & Meat Snacks Fundraising Campaign: Who can resist the satisfying taste of beef jerky and meat snacks? Our McSweeney’s fundraising campaign offers entirely gluten-free beef jerky, beef steak strips, and pepperoni sticks that are sure to satiate any craving. These savoury treats are a popular way to raise funds for your Canadian school or group. McSweeney's Beef Jerky Cover
  5. Joy & Noel Christmas Fundraising Campaigns: ‘Tis the season for spreading holiday cheer! Our Joy and Noel Christmas fundraising campaigns offer a delightful range of gift items, chocolates, treats, and more. Whether looking for the perfect holiday gift or festive goodies to share, these campaigns bring joy to your fundraising and the holiday season.Christmas fundraising for Canadian schools and groupsChristmas fundraising program for Canadian schools and groups
  6. Big Deal Box Cards: Make every occasion special with our Big Deal Box Cards. This collection includes forty full-size, high-quality keepsake greeting cards for every celebration. From birthdays to anniversaries and beyond, these cards add a personal touch to your well-wishes, making them a valuable addition to your fundraising efforts.Big Deal Box Cards Cover


4. Offer Online Shopping Options

Incorporate online shopping options to cater to a broader audience:

  • Hybrid Fundraiser: At Dieleman Fundraising, we understand that supporters have diverse preferences. That’s why we offer a hybrid fundraiser that seamlessly combines traditional catalogue sales with the convenience of online shopping. This approach caters to supporters who appreciate the tactile experience of flipping through a catalog as well as those who prefer the ease and speed of digital shopping.
  • Virtual Fundraiser: In today’s digital age, a fully virtual fundraiser can be a game-changer. Dieleman Fundraising’s virtual fundraising option is designed for the tech-savvy supporter who enjoys the convenience of shopping online exclusively. This approach eliminates the need for physical catalogues and order forms, streamlining the fundraising process while allowing you to reach a wide and digitally-connected audience.

5. Provide Support and Recognition

Support and recognition can motivate your sellers and boost sales:

  • Mentorship and Training: Offer guidance and training sessions for your students, volunteers, and sellers. Ensure they are well-equipped to present and sell the fundraising products effectively.
  • Recognition and Rewards: Acknowledge and celebrate the achievements of your top sellers, volunteers, and supporters. Consider small incentives or rewards to motivate continued participation.

Achieving successful sales for your fundraiser is an attainable goal with the right strategies and support. Dieleman Fundraising Sales is here to assist you every step of the way. Our campaigns offer high-quality products that are sure to entice your supporters. By promoting effectively, engaging your community, showcasing premium items, offering online shopping options, and providing support and recognition, you can reach your fundraising goals and make a positive impact on your school or group. Book a fundraiser today and start your journey to success!

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